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DIY Farmhouse Wooden House Tutorial

by The Organized Dream

Now, let me start off by saying that farmhouse decor is relatively pricey. Anyone else agree? I’ve found over the past couple of years that do-it-yourself projects can same a bunch of money. Farmhouse decor is no exception

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If you’ve been “oohing” and “ahhing” over the tiered tray trend, then you must be familiar with those cute little wooden houses. Rather than buying them from pricey Etsy shops and sellers, you can make your own and you won’t believe how easy it is!

While most people use a block of wood cut into the shape of a house, you can easily improvise with the dollar store! I found a house-shaped shadow box in the candle section and instantly knew it would be perfect!

DIY wooden house tutorial for your farmhouse tiered trays and more!  #farmhouse #tutorial #diyprojects

All I needed to do was gather some basic supplies. You’ll need:

Mod Podge and Acrylic Paint

You can use brown paint, but I chose black and mixed it with a little bit of water so it would become a stain. I simply wiped a paper towel over it so that you could see the wood through it.

Pencil and Sharpie

You’ll  need a pencil to trace the shape on paper and a Sharpie to trace on the fabric as the pencil won’t show up.

Scissors and Craft Knife

The craft knife comes in super handy when you need to remove excess fabric after applying it to the wood.


I chose black and white buffalo check fabric because I’ve had it lying around for a while, but you could choose any fabric to coordinate with your decor theme.


Watch the video for the steps! (Don’t forget to give a thumbs up!)

The directions are pretty straight forward. All you’ll have to do is paint the sides with your acrylic paint stain. You can paint the inside of the shadowbox as well, but I chose not to. Let that dry. Trace a template on paper and then on the fabric. Then, apply Mod Podge where you’ll be putting the fabric. Allow to dry and then trim the excess fabric. You’re done!

DIY wooden house tutorial for your farmhouse tiered trays and more!  #farmhouse #tutorial #diyprojects

Want to to make your own tiered tray? See how I made this tiered tray for only $1!

DIY wooden house tutorial for your farmhouse tiered trays and more!  #farmhouse #tutorial #diyprojects

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