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DIY Farmhouse Tiered Tray

by The Organized Dream

I have been eyeing those pretty farmhouse tiered trays I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest for quite some time now and really wanted to add one to my decor as well. The problem? Those store-bought tiered trays are just WAY too overpriced! Instead of splurging, I made my own DIY farmhouse tiered tray and you won’t believe what I used to make it!

I thought about what I had already on hand to upcycle and things that I could buy that would work well, too.

There were a couple of old candle holders that I haven’t used in years so I took apart one of them and painted the spindle white. The candle holder definitely gave it a more “farmhouse” look. At least to me. ?

Make your own farmhouse-inspired tiered tray! #tutorial #diyproject #farmhousestyle

Dollar Tree was the place to go for great pieces to use as the tiers. I liked the idea of using pie pans, but I wanted the tiers to be identical. I don’t really care for the miss-matched look of the DIY tiered trays I’ve seen on Pinterest. It bugs my inner OCD.

I had a brilliant idea in the store to use electric burner covers! Not only were they the same shapes, but I was able to get both sizes in one package!

Make your own farmhouse-inspired tiered tray! #tutorial #diyproject #farmhousestyle

All the items you will need to make your own are glue, paint (optional), a candle holder and electric burner covers. Because I already had everything but the covers, this project only cost me one whole dollar. I think it came out pretty darn awesome!

The process is simple.  After I painted the spindle, I glued each end to the center each burner cover. Then, I decorated it with some of my Rae Dunn pieces, some boxwood orbs and a few other little things here and there.

Make your own farmhouse-inspired tiered tray! #tutorial #diyproject #farmhousestyle

I’m happy with the way my DIY farmhouse tiered tray came out and really can’t wait to decorate it for each season and holiday!

Make your own farmhouse-inspired tiered tray! #tutorial #diyproject #farmhousestyle
Make your own farmhouse-inspired tiered tray! #tutorial #diyproject #farmhousestyle

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