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DIY Farmhouse Stenciled Canvas Wall Art

by The Organized Dream

I’ve had a book page dahlia wreath hanging above my bed for a few years now and wanted to update the wall space. I didn’t know what to put there until now! I was inspired to create this farmhouse canvas wall art set by a few pins I’ve come across on Pinterest here and there. 

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How did I do this? With stencils! With one set of stencils and a few simple supplies, I was able to create two canvases with one of the sweetest sayings. I chose the Rufina letter stencil set from Stencil Revolution. The font is so pretty and easy to read. Because I chose 18″x24″ canvases, I went with the 2″ letters and they were the absolute perfect size! 

What You Will Need:


1. There are only a few steps to creating your own stenciled canvas. Start off by creating straight lines with your ruler and pencil. The key is to make the lines very light so they are easily erasable. 
2. Grab your stencil and add one letter at a time using your pencil until the word you desire is spread out.
3. Next, start outlining each letter with your Sharpie and fill in as well.
4. The last step is to erase your pencil lines and any other pencil marks visible on each letter for clean lines. *Make sure that the Sharpie ink is dry first or it will smear!*
*Optional: If you find that your letters aren’t dark enough, you can easily fill in any lighter spots with a black paint pen.
I love the way they came out and I think that they brighten up the space pretty well compared to the wreath I had hanging there before. The white canvas color and the bold, black words really pop on the wall! I was really happy with using these stencils. They were easy to use and held up well to repeated use since I used a lot of the same letters over and over again. I definitely recommend these stencils for your next DIY project!
Inspired? Check out more from Stencil Revolution! They have all kinds of fonts and themes including farmhouse stencils and holiday stencils!
*Stencils in this post were supplied by Stencil Revolution. All opinions about this product are my own.

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