DIY Cleaning and Organizing Projects for Your Craft Area

by katie

Did you finally make your dream come true by making yourself a craft area? The place you have been dreaming about so that you can open up your artisanal side. And are you now having troubles, because you always make a mess, buy new things and do not have the time to organize and put them into order? Well, everyone who has a craft area goes through the same problem at one point. But since you are an artist, you know that there is a fun and creative way to take care of your problem. You can easily find a great way to get your craft area organized and easy to clean.

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The first and most important thing you should do is figure out a place for everything to go. Ribbons, buttons, art supplies, bags, your sewing supplies, art supplies, etc.

Then you should figure out which ones of your supplies are your priority, if you have given up on using some of them, throw them away or simply give them to someone who will figure out a way to use them. Do not clutter your craft area!

And the last thing is, get yourself empty mason jars, shoe boxes, plastic containers, vintage mugs to store your things. If they are see through, they will even make your place more beautiful, and if not you can paint them. Get those shoe boxes and get creative! Make them colourful and then store your paints and brushes in it. Re-purpose old cans by gluing some kind of a cord, any kind of colour, and it will make a great pencil holder, or a nice vase. Get an old carton of eggs and use it to store your buttons, or paperclips.

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Get yourself a desk organizer with sliding drawers – it will be perfect for storing craft supplies, ribbons, or your spools of thread. Better yet, get yourself a tiny spice rack and arrange your reels by colour on it, they will be organised, easy to see and will look pretty. Another thing you can do is to put up a big peg board by your craft area and hang your stationary tools on it – scissors, tape, your pincushion, etc. If you are really good at cutting, you can try cut a cute shape out of your peg board and hang that part. You can hang also a cork board, to pin your ideas on it and save them for later.

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By arranging and organizing your craft area you will not only make it more aesthetic looking, but it will also allow you to clean it better and easier. All you need to do is, keep in mind that you need to put things back in their places, so you would not make a mess again.

And these were some simple organizing tips on how to fix your craft area. I hope they turn out great, and remember to always trust the artist in you. Be bold and do your art.

The article is contributed by Patricia Cornwell. She runs a small cleaning company called DPC Power Clean Mortlake.

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