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Creating Your Own Business Cards

by The Organized Dream
If you consider your blog a business, you’ll most likely find that you will need a business card at one point or another. I recently created my own business cards and it took some time to really get a clear focus as to what I wanted on it, what I needed on it and making sure that I could utilize it for my Etsy shop as well.

Where to Buy

I purchased my business cards through Vistaprint. They offer a wide range of choices and give you the option to upload your logo to most of their existing designs. You can upload and create your own design like I did or have them create one for you for a low fee.

I bought 500 business cards for only $30 (with shipping!). That’s an insanely cheap price, right? They allow you to choose glossy or matte for no additional charge which is great! I opted for the matte because I plan on using these for my Etsy shop as well and I thought that it would be better all around.

If you use my referral link above, you will receive free shipping on an order over $25 and save 30%!

There are other great places to shop as well such as and

The Design

Creating your own business card can be hard. I struggled to come up with the look of mine for a while. After a lot of thought I decided to use my header from Etsy as inspiration.

I opted to have the front be all about the design. It features my blog/Etsy shop logo and tag line. The back contains my name, title, website information and social icons.

What to Put

I found it hard to figure out what type of information I wanted to add, what type of information I needed and what I other options there were.

1. Social Media – I only added the social channels that I found to be the most important. While Pinterest and Twitter are the big traffic drivers to my blog, I thought that Facebook and Instagram were more important on a social level. I also wanted to include YouTube because it is something I plan on venturing into for 2018. Instead of putting the handles for each, I simply put the icons because I knew that if someone where to search my blog name, it would be found easily.

2. Websites – I chose to only include my blog address and my Etsy shop address because these are the two websites that I will be using this card for. I also added my email address so that anyone needing to get in touch with me will be able to do so fast.

Optional Extras

There are other things you can add to your business card that will work wonders for your blog  or business. They aren’t required, but are definitely worth mentioning.

1. A QR Code – Vistaprint allows you to place a QR code on your card if you wish. It is easy to add and can be linked to anything you want including your blog, a social media platform or shop. I didn’t use this but it is something you can utilize for free.

2. Google Voice Number – If you want to add a contact number, but don’t want to use your personal number, a Google Voice number is the way to go. It is free and can be connected to any of your lines. You’ll be able to read voicemails along with other great features. I did not add my Google Voice number to my card, but I do have one available to anyone who contacts me via email and have it ready upon request.

3. Your Photo – You can add a photo of yourself to your cards. Vistaprint gives you the option in most cases to upload your image or logo and view it on some (if not all) of their cards as you preview them which is an awesome feature. This makes your card stand out and become more personal with the recipient.

Do you have a business card for your blog or business already? Have anything else to add to this list? Share them in the comments!

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