Convenient Essentials Every Parent Should Keep in Their Car

by katie
Imagine you’re on yet another busy morning run. You’re heading out to drop the oldest children off to 
school and having to take the youngest along with you for the ride because, despite all your best 
efforts, you have yet to master the power to be in two places at once. It’s been a hectic morning, and 
while you can think of nothing better than getting a moment’s peace and quiet, the back of the car is a
swarm of chaos: one child has spilt their entire drink down them and all over your car; another is 
consistently complaining that they are bored and want something to do, and you’ve just noticed that 
your youngest toddler isn’t actually wearing any socks. While these issues would all usually seem like 
enormous inconveniences, thankfully you have come prepared with a spare change of clothes you had 
for each of them in the boot, along with a few choices of toys for them to play with hidden in the 
glove compartment!

As a full-time parent, you are not only the caregiver of your children, you also start become a personal 
chauffeur to each of them, meaning it is likely you are jumping in and out of your car frequently. In 
order to give yourself some peace of mind, and to avoid the headaches of catastrophe in the middle of 
a car journey, it is important to be prepared and stock the car up with items which you will find 
invaluable when you need them the most. To help you figure out what essentials you may find useful to
keep in your car, here are some tips on items you might find some use out of.

Tissues, wipes, and spray

Children are messy, simple as that. Younger children often spill things, they always seem to have a 
runny nose at the most inconvenient time, and they like to wipe their messy hands all over you, and 
your car, whenever they get the chance: it’s a sign of love. Taking all of this into consideration, having 
something like antibacterial hand spray on hand, can be a real convenience, as it is small and easy to 
keep in the car, but will also get the job done when trying to clean your children’s post-lunch hands on 
the go. Tissues are also something which you will find useful to have with you, to wipe unexpectedly 
runny noses with ease. Alternatively, it never hurts to keep a pack of baby wipes with you, even after 
your children grow past the nappy cleaning stage, as they are just the multiuse tool of every parent’s 
dreams: from wiping down clothes and hands, to quickly getting spills off of car seats before they can 
set, the simple baby wipe will forever be your friend.

Spare items of clothing

You never know what the day might throw up, and at some point, you might just find yourself wishing 
you had brought spare items of clothing for your children. Therefore, it never hurts just to keep a few 
essential items in the trunk of your car, in case of emergency. Basic things like a pair of socks and a 
jacket for each child could be really useful. You may also want some spare items to keep the kids warm 
in case of unexpected cold weather on a trip out, such as a scarf or gloves. For further information, 
 click here for more.
Vehicular emergency items
In case of a breakdown or other roadside emergency, make sure that you have your insurance card and
other emergency details on hand so that you can get some assistance without delay. In case there is an 
issue which you might be able to deal with yourself, make sure that you have some basic car 
maintenance essentials on hand, such as tire sealant, a small fire extinguisher, a spare tire and a jack. 
Jumper cables will likely also come in useful, either for your car, or to help any another stranded driver 
you might happen across, as you can’t rely on someone else being able to provide them in an 
emergency. You may also want to keep an emergency window hammer and seat belt cutter tool in the 
car, as while you will hopefully never need one, it always pays to be prepared for the worst. Finally, you
never know when a first aid kit might come in handy, so it doesn’t hurt to keep one stored away in your
car for a rainy day.
Toys, books, CD’s and games
To keep the children occupied, you will want to keep a comprehensive toolbox of children’s activities 
stored away in your car. With the wonders of a child’s imagination, small and simple toys, such as a 
stuffed bear or their favorite action hero figure, could keep them occupied for longer than you think. 
Of course, if your children have a short attention span, then you might need other things to keep them 
busy throughout your car journey, such as books, car-friendly games, and also music which your 
children enjoy. You can also get audiobooks to play in the car so that your children can just sit back 
and listen to a story if they are too young to read to themselves.
Food and drink

A single bottle of water could be the difference between you keeping sanity, and being faced with a 
car full of crying children. If you break down, get stranded in the middle of nowhere, or even if you 
just get stuck in traffic, being able to appease your children with something to drink could help keep 
them occupied and happy. If your children aren’t too fond of drinking plain water, you can also keep 
small squeezable bottles of concentrated squash on hand. Finally, you may also want to keep a few 
long-life items of food in the car, so that you have something to tide the kids over on long journeys. 
Stick with something simple, such as a cereal or granola bar.

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