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CBD and Anxiety: A Suitable Treatment?

by The Organized Dream
CBD and Anxiety: A Suitable Treatment?

Suffering from an anxiety disorder can be an extremely overwhelming experience. The average person will have their moments of anxiety – having to make a work presentation, meeting up with a person who makes them nervous, or any other uncomfortable situation. 

While everyone has this experience from time to time, an anxiety disorder is that to an extreme. Simple things like leaving the house to go to the store can trigger a panic attack, and often the individual suffering this condition misses out on a lot of social engagements and other opportunities due to this. 

There are several treatments available, anti-anxiety medications and talking therapies, both private and group led are all options. While these have seen success with easing anxiety for some individuals, others are looking at alternative methods in the use of CBD oil. It has gained stronger popularity with the millennial generation, being used to treat varying ailments – but is it an effective treatment for anxiety? 

Does Marijuana Make Anxiety Worse?

There is an ongoing debate about how marijuana affects mental health conditions, and some studies have shown that smoking marijuana can make issues with anxiety worse in the long-term. However, CBD products don’t contain the higher levels of THC that would be found in the marijuana that is smoked. In some cases, smoking cannabis can have negative effects on an individual, most commonly causing feelings of paranoia. Although, this isn’t something that happens to everyone. 

How Does it Help?

Cannabis has qualities that helps a person to relax, which is why it is used recreationally by many people. Like having a cold beer after work, some people choose to unwind with a joint. This is why it is likely to help those with anxiety, but it is important to note that CBD oils and products aren’t quite the same as smoking cannabis. 

The oil is extracted from the CBD hemp seed and doesn’t produce the same psychoactive effects. They might help an individual to relax in the same way, but they won’t get a person high like smoking would do. This is why some people find it to be an effective treatment for their anxiety. 

What Are the Side-Effects?

Like any form of medication, there are always possible side-effects you should be aware of. These include feeling dizzy or light-headed, feeling lethargic, and in more extreme circumstances it can cause damage to your liver. 

Should You Try It? 

It is entirely up to the individual and what they feel comfortable with. Any kind of medication you take will have its own pros and cons to go with it, therefore you need to decide what you feel is best for you. Always discuss possible treatments and medications with your doctor before you start taking anything. 

CBD products are being used to treat a lot of different conditions, although its usage is still being debated. It could be a good way to help with an anxiety disorder, but that will be down to the individual – there is no one treatment that works for everybody.

CBD and Anxiety: A Suitable Treatment?

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