Butterfly Window Treatment Under $20

by katie

This is the window treatment I came up with for my daughter’s room. She loves butterflies and has had them as the décor inspiration for her room since she was born. I was originally going to go with simple valances, but she’s had them before. Like I said, they’re simple. I wanted something visually interesting since her windows are what you see as soon as you walk into her room. Then I thought…I’ll just buy a really long curtain panel and use it to drape the frame of the window. I found one that was really cute. I think it was 84″ with a lattice print. Well, it ended up selling out before I fully made up my mind about purchasing it so I decided to just buy a window scarf. This one came in a few lengths. One was around 84″ and I opted to get the longest one measuring 216″. Crazy length, I know! It seems like a lot but it was a great choice though because it fits the window just right… and guess what! The window scarf was only $7! 😀 When I put it up, I eyed it to get the swags even and toyed with the volume.

 It only took about 10 minutes and then decided that adding these butterflies would jazz it up. I had a few left over after decorating the curtain rod so with some push pins I wrapped the wire around the push pin and posed it coming from the wall for a 3D effect. The push pin and wire look a little funny, but they aren’t noticeable.
The picture below shows the red one pinned for the 3D effect. The yellow and blue are attached to the rod. Since they came in a variety of colors, it helped add pops of color and the print on the wings added texture and contrast against the white scarf.

I’ve had these feather butterflies for 6 years and they’ve held up fantastically and since they’re all attached with wire, they are ubber easy to place and pose. I got them at Michael’s for around $5 and got about 12 in the pack. I’m not entirely sure if they still have them, but they’re a basic concept. I’m sure you can find them anywhere.

 So, what do you think? This whole look took less than a half an hour and cost less than $20! What’s your favorite window treatment style?

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