Brush Stroke Planner Icons

by katie

There are four new additions to the shop! My latest sticker sheets feature the most popular functional sticker icons that can be used daily and there are a bunch of different colors to choose from.

I decided to play on the watercolor theme and incorporated different hues into brush strokes. Each sheet will have seven different colors. Some of them will have glittery effects and some will not, but they each play into a different color scheme.

The four sheet choices are Earthy Blush, Green Envy, Blue Bottle and Purple Passion. Each little icon is approximately 1/2″ in size so they are perfect for any planner. The sheets are sized to 3.5″x 4.75″. This will allow you to print more than one copy on a piece of paper to save on waste.

Each sheet is sold separately. While I don’t necessarily do custom orders unless otherwise stated, if you’re interested in a particular color, contact me in my shop and maybe there is something we can come up with!

You’ll find the links to each brush stroke planner icon sticker sheet below the image and as always, don’t forget to check out our other planner stickers and accessories!

Earthy Blush Brush Stroke Icons

Blue Bottle Brush Stroke Icons

Green Envy Brush Stroke Icons

Purple Passion Brush Stroke Icons

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