Bite-Sized Homemade Popcorn Chicken

by katie

This little recipe I created on my own by accident. One day, I decided to try making my own chicken nuggets only they came out cubed and irregularly shaped. Lol. Needless to say we laughed about it but it didn’t disappoint. I make it often and love every last bite!

*This frying method can also be used to make homemade chicken sandwiches. The only thing you would do is cut the breast in half and flatten it before breading. A little mayo, some lettuce, a nice fresh roll and you have a delicious sandwich, I swear!

What you will need:
Boneless, skinless chicken breast(s)-Use more or less depending on how much you want.
Egg(s)-Use 1 egg for a small amount, 2 if making a lot.
Adobo Seasoning (optional)
2-3 Tbsp. Water
Roughly 24 ounces of oil
Place oil in large sauce pan. Set aside. Place egg(s) in a bowl and add water. Whisk like you would scrambled eggs. Place flour in another bowl, add Adobo Seasoning and mix well. Place breadcrumbs in another bowl next to the others. Cut chicken breasts into cubes. You can make them any size you wish. I prefer to cut them to about an inch. Coat chicken cubes a little at a time in the flour, then the egg, then the breadcrumbs and place them on a plate. Once this is done, heat oil on medium heat. When heated, reduce to low-medium heat and place small portions of chicken in the oil. In my saucepan I can fry 12 at a time. **Don’t overload because they will not cook evenly and remember to lower the heat so you don’t burn before they’re cooked through. Fry until golden brown or until the bites are no longer pink inside. When removing, I find a pasta utensil works best to strain away the oil. Place chicken on paper towel-lined plate. 

Serve with typical meal sides or with fries and a salad. (Great to add to the salad also! Yummm! Try my veggie pasta salad. –> RECIPE HERE <–)

Now it’s time to pop em’! Don’t forget the dipping sauce!

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