Becoming Comfortable in Your Own Skin

by katie
Life can take its toll on you, both physically and emotionally. If you spend a lot of time looking after 
the needs of others, it can be easy to neglect your own personal needs in the process. Society is often 
giving people reasons not to be comfortable in their own skin, from telling people they need to change
 the way they look, to making them feel inadequate compared to airbrushed models and well-off 
celebrities. The only way to combat these messages is to learn to be comfortable in your own skin and 
to provide your body and mind with the care and attention they need. If you are looking for a way to 
be happier with yourself, then here are a few tips which you might find will help you.  

Nourish your body

Daily life keeps you incredibly busy. From running around taking care of your family, running a 
household, juggling work responsibilities and the hassles of bills and other concerns, there is always 
something else that requires your attention; All of this can take a toll on your own personal health and 
well being. It’s important to make sure you are nourishing your body correctly, because if you are not 
giving yourself the care and attention that your body needs to function correctly, then you are more 
likely to feel unhappy within yourself. Things like not getting enough sleep, eating a lot of foods which 
don’t provide your body with the necessary nutrition it needs, or not drinking enough water 
throughout the day, are all issues which will cause you to feel run down, and lacking in energy.

You might have heard the expression ‘acts of self-love,’ and a common misconception is that you have
to indulge in lavish treats and activities to show your body and soul love. Realistically speaking, you 
might not be able to visit a spa as often as you’d like, but doing simple things such as spending 30 
minutes a day outside doing a light activity and enjoying nature, will help you to connect better with 
your body, and feel healthier feel healthier for it.

Self Reflection

When there is so much keeping you thinking about ‘what comes next,’ it becomes difficult to be at the 
moment. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, then you need to take the time to really be  
in your body. Find a quiet space, take a moment for self-reflection and put things in perspective. When
you are constantly fulfilling your duties as somebody’s child, parent, or spouse, sometimes you forget 
that you a more than just those things.

Turn your attention inward, and search for the things which truly make you happy, focusing particularly
 on what you have at the moment, rather than what you wish you had. If you feel like something is 
missing in your life, try and pinpoint what that is; better understanding that, will help you to better 
understand what is making your unhappy in the present, and will give you something to work towards.

Find enjoyment

Did you ever have a dream as a child which you had to put to the side as you got older because life 
got in the way? Have you ever had a hobby or skill which you’ve lost touch with over time because 
you’ve been too busy to find a spare moment to yourself? If you want to be happier within, then you 
need to make time for the things which you enjoy and reconnect with yourself. Of course, there are 
always going to be obstacles which could get in the way, but if you don’t try and make time for the 
things which make you happy, then you are always going to feel as though you are not getting 
everything out of life which you need.

Find activities which will allow you to connect with yourself. Even doing something as simple as getting
 up earlier in the morning so that you can meditate, or putting your children to bed 20 minutes earlier
so that you have time to read, or draw, or do whatever it is that you enjoy, will make a massive 
difference to your emotional wellbeing. 

Self Appreciation

People go throughout life always wishing that they could have what they don’t, and compare 
themselves and their lives to other people. In order to be more comfortable within your own skin, 
you need to let go of these kinds of thought processes. Everyone has things on their body which they 
wish they could change, from wanting to get rid of your freckles, to wanting to change the color of 
your eyes. There might even be features which are stopping you from feeling confident when intimate 
with a partner, or in situations where you will have to expose more skin, such as at the beach. To 
combat these feelings, rather than seeing these differences as flaws, you need to learn to see them as 
the characteristics which make you unique. Spend some time every day looking in the mirror, and 
appreciating the parts of you that you once disliked. Look at each part of your body in detail, and learn
to love them, and you will be on your way to feeling sexy and confident in your own skin. 

Enjoy your own company

You can’t rely on others to make you feel at ease. If you find that you are not comfortable being left 
with your own company for too long, then this is definitely something you need to work on. In this day
and age when people are connected by devices, rather than face to face communication, learning to 
be at ease with yourself has never been more important. Whenever you find yourself alone, don’t try 
and fill the silence: embrace it. Try and figure out what it is that makes you unhappy when you are 
alone, and tackle those issues head-on. For example, if being alone brings up negative thoughts that 
you are trying to avoid, then find a safe environment to explore these further, such as with the support 
of a therapist, and work through these issues so that they will stop plaguing you.

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