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Back To School Organizing Tips To Use Throughout The Year

by The Organized Dream

After dealing with my daughter going back to school for quite a few years now, I’ve learned a thing or two about being organized and staying organized throughout the year. It tends to be a little chaotic the first few months since she has to get used to new teachers, habits and school work. I remember what it was like myself. Implementing these few organizing tips will help at the beginning of the new school year and beyond!

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1. Create A Homework Station

Create a space for your child to go to when they have homework to do. It will not only provide a comfortable atmosphere, but it will keep everything they need at hand. This will prevent rummaging for supplies or finding a place to study.

If you don’t have the available space to designate for homework, create a caddy that can be moved from room to room. It keeps all of the necessities at hand and organized.

2. Add A Folder To The Backpack

Countless times I have had to deal with crumpled papers at the bottom of my daughter’s backpack because those loose papers accumulate quick. By adding a pocket folder to your child’s bag, they can easily corral their loose papers until they can be gone through either at home or at school.

This is a great idea to keep papers that need to be signed by you wrinkle free and easy to find when they need to be handed in.

Back to school organizing tips to use throughout the year. #organization #tips #backtoschool

3. Organize School Lunch & Snack Products

Add a bin to your refrigerator for school lunch-specific products such as snacks drinks. You can also implement this for your pantry or cupboards so that snacks and on-the-go breakfast items can be grabbed on a whim.

You can also place bins in your freezer for yogurt tubes (they thaw and stay cold by lunchtime!) and ice packs so they can be found easily for lunch prep.

4. Sunday Planning

Set aside time each Sunday to plan out the week’s outfits. My daughter has an empty drawer to her dresser that we use to store her outfits for the week. It not only saves time, but allows your child to have a say in what they wear with plenty of time for “compromise”.  Lord only knows how many times I’ve had to struggle to get my daughter to wear something last minute! I’m sure you know my struggles! ?

You can also use this day to plan out events for the week whether they’re sports, school or just family time.

5. Organize the Locker

If your child has a locker at school, it’s a good idea to invest a little bit of money into locker organization. You can easily find locker essentials at the dollar store. A locker mirror is optional, but my daughter has found that it helps her after gym and throughout the day. By adding a magnetic cup holder, you can rest assured that they will always have a pen or pencil at hand.

Check out my Locker Decor and Organizing Ideas post for inspiration!

6. Create a Family Command Center

Add a space for your family to come together when they need to jot something down, see what’s for dinner and post important things. This will keep everyone on the same page. If you don’t have available space for a large command center, add a dry erase board and/or a calendar. This way here you and everyone else will be able to plan family events, school events and other things around everything else.

This dry erase calendar and cork board combo is perfect for any space!

Back to school organizing tips to use throughout the year. #organization #tips #backtoschool

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