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Back-To-School Craft: DIY Custom Washi Tape Pencils

by The Organized Dream

With just about a week left before school officially starts here, I thought it would be super fun to share a DIY craft project for back-to-school. What better way to get excited to take notes than by using your own custom pencils? This tutorial is super fun and easy to do.

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There are so many uses for washi tape. I use it for everything and so doesn’t my daughter! These washi tape pencils were so fun to make and definitely the perfect rainy weekend project! If you want to use the exact washi tape we used (pictured below), check out the link. ⤸

What You’ll Need


1.  Start by painting your pencils in any color you desire. We found that our pencils needed 2 coats *Make sure you let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat. We used binder clips to hold them upright while they dried.

2.  After the paint is dry, apply the washi tape starting from the eraser all the way down to the end. Thin washi tape is suggested because it will adhere to the pencil better.
3.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the pencil. Make sure to coat the entire pencil. This will prevent the washi tape from lifting. (Can you see the colorful mustaches on this washi? So cute!)
4.  The final step is to use a paint pen to color in the metal part of the eraser. We opted for gold because it best suited the gold foiling on most of the washi tape we used. 
*Quick Note: These pencils sharpened beautifully. I thought the shavings would get stuck in the sharpener, but it worked like a charm! ?
Before you know it, you’ll have personalized pencils you can’t wait to use!

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