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Amazing Ideas For Sprucing Up The Décor Of An Art Gallery

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When you step into an art gallery, the first thing you would normally notice is a beautiful piece of artwork put up on a wall or a pedestal for the exhibition. As you walk through the halls of the gallery, you would notice other pieces of artwork that catch your fancy. Paintings and sculptures spread out across the walls and halls greet you and invite you to take a closer look at them to figure out what they are trying to convey. You take note of how beautiful and mysterious some of these works of art are and get lost in their beauty. Other visitors, sometimes, don’t just focus on the pieces of art arranged throughout the room. They also notice the décor.

The décor of your art gallery has to give people an aesthetic appeal just as much as the exhibitions do.

You can have great artworks hanging around in your space but unless your interiors complement them,

you might face a lack of patronage from certain art lovers. Instead of just keeping bland interiors with

little to no appeal at all, try experimenting with lighting, colors and artificial floral arrangements, to

name a few. If you still haven’t a clue where to start from, check out these amazing ideas for sprucing

up the décor of an art gallery:

Less Is More

It’s good to have interiors that add to your exhibition pieces’ beauty. However, in some cases, the

interiors take away from the beauty of the pieces by contrasting with them with colors, wall designs,

and so on. If you want people to actually appreciate the artworks as well as the exhibition space, the

interiors need to be a little subdued and conservative in terms of design. For example, keeping the walls free of any quirky designs or overpowering colors. Using neutral colors and designs would help your artwork stand out a lot more.

Also, do not clutter the space given to you with too many artworks or décor. The cluttered space will

not be suitable for your patrons to view the artworks properly as it would appear too small and

amateurishly utilized. Such a space would have you receiving very few patrons at your gallery.

This is a general rule that applies to any space; residential, commercial, or otherwise.

Natural Appeal

Using a few fake trees and artificial flower arrangements would bring out the beauty of your gallery.

Everyone likes plants and they bring in the touch of nature that we tend to miss in our daily lives.

Whether it’s an artificial topiary next to the window or a few

tropical silk flower arrangements on the ledges, such additions will make your gallery look a whole

lot more beautiful. While it isn’t a bad idea to use real plants, they can be hard to look after.

Fake plants, on the contrary, are easier to maintain and look so much like the real ones.

Light It Up

Lighting influences moods and brings out the hidden beauty in most artworks.

Too much or too little lighting can ruin the beauty of certain artworks. For certain pieces put up in

separate rooms, it would be a good idea to try and adjust the lighting in order to complement and bring

out the best in that particular piece of art. For artworks that share an exhibition space, try to go for a

neutral amount of lighting; just the right amount for the beauty of the pieces to be seen by all. Once

your lighting is set, you will see many viewers enjoying the beautiful pieces you have to share with


Colors of Chaos

Although colors were brought up briefly earlier on, it’s better to drive home fact with a little more

detail. Most exhibition centers go for white or black walls because of how neutral they are. These colors do

not always clash with most of the colors in the artworks presented but enhance them beautifully. If you

go with bright flamboyant colors, it would be too distracting for your patrons and viewers. The contrast

would be too much for them. So to be on the safe side, use neutral colors and keep the bright colors to

a minimum.

Let Some Sunlight In

It gets very annoying when you don’t know what time of day it is or being cooped up in a closed space

all day. Keeping that in mind, ensure that you have a good amount of windows to let some of that

beautiful, natural light in. If you are worried about the lighting being affected, you can always look for

a certain type of glass that actually filters the sunlight to your advantage. Aside from guaranteeing great

views, both on the outside and inside, the natural sunlight will also help you save on electricity when it

comes to lighting. The only time when you will have to use the main studio lights is during the night, if

at all you are open during those hours.

These are some of the décor ideas that you can implement for your art gallery. That being said, be sure

to do more research about what would be perfect for your art gallery and plan accordingly. Most of

these ideas are easy and feasible to do but it all depends on the necessities of your space and your brand.

There will be ways to make it work and with proper planning and implementation, you can bring your

art gallery and your brand to the forefront of the market.

If you do foresee a huge expenditure on your part for the spruce-up, try to sit with an interior design

team and see if you can find, smart creative ways to upgrade the décor of your gallery. Once you have

found solutions that can give you maximum benefits, implement them properly. You will soon see for

yourself how beautiful the space has turned out to be and your patrons will share their appreciation with

you soon.

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