Ahoy, Matey! Halloween Costumes from Oriental Trading

by katie

Okay, it’s almost time for my second favorite holiday. Halloween! Every year my daughter and I try to come up with something different because, well, there aren’t a lot of costumes out there for girls. You’re either a princess, a witch, a vampiress or a fairy.

Because Halloween is a scary occasion, we try to stay away from the girly costumes. She’s been a vampire, a bat, a spider, etc, but not a pirate. When we had the opportunity to work with Oriental Trading for Halloween this year, we couldn’t pass up checking out their costume selection.
This year my daughter decided she wanted to be a pirate so we sat and checked out all they had to offer. Here’s what we found.

The Costume

The High Seas Pirate Buccaneer Girls Halloween Costume seemed to be the perfect one for her. She chose this one over the pirate costume they offered with a tutu because she wanted to be as realistic as possible
This costume didn’t let her down. It came with everything such as the bandana, hat, belt dress and boot covers. While I do wish it were a tad bit longer, she is in between sizes right now and since it will be colder at the end of October where we live, leggings and a hoodie underneath are inevitable so this is an easy fix.
The boot covers are my favorite. I love them because she can wear sneakers with her costume and will be hidden for a more authentic pirate look. (Oh, and did I mention that they work as an extra layer of clothing to keep her warm? Total plus for me!)

The Accessories

The Pirate Jack Cutlass Sword is the perfect sword for a pirate and fits well in the belt to the costume for easy storage when carrying her bucket. The only thing I would suggest doing if this is what you plan to do is to anchor the belt with a safety pin so it doesn’t come undone because it has a velcro closure.

The Pirate Hook is an essential part of any pirate costume and while I thought it was a little too much with the sword, my daughter wanted it. I do have to say that it isn’t too much at all and is very well made so she can store it in her candy bucket without it getting broken if she decides she doesn’t want to hold it anymore. (If you’re a veteran mom, you know that any part of a costume on Halloween comes off eventually and you end up carrying it! 😁)
The eye patch was something that I had from when I damaged my cornea. It seemed to work well and had padding for comfort. I bought this one at Walgreens but I’m sure it can be found in any first aid aisle.

The Parrot

Okay, this is an accessory but I wanted to separate it because, well, we got creative here. There wasn’t a parrot costume prop for her costume and I came across the Parrot Prop in their Halloween decor section. 
It looked a little something like this:
Image result for oriental trading parrot prop
We thought that we could hang it from her hook but it was too much so we simply unscrewed the parrot from his perch and hot glued him to the costume. I adore the way it came out and think it adds some scary vibes to her costume.

Oriental Trading has a wide range of Halloween costumes and accessories. I was pleasantly surprised!
Don’t forget to check out their awesome selection of Halloween candy, party supplies and home decor items, too!

*Products in this post were supplied by Oriental Trading for a review. All opinions are my own.

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