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9 Scary Good Farmhouse- Inspired Halloween Decor on Amazon

by The Organized Dream

I really like decorating for Halloween, but I really don’t like how some of the decorations out there look rather cheap. I have seen many different farmhouse-inspired Halloween decorating on Pinterest and went on the hunt to find similar pieces. I was amazed at what Amazon had!

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9 scary good farmhouse-inspired Halloween decor on Amazon!  #farmhouse #halloween #homedecorating #amazon

I love all of these pieces and really think a lot of these will work great in my existing farmhouse decor. I am most excited to try adding some black bats! Now, there are a bunch of other Halloween decor pieces on Amazon that would tie in with the farmhouse look as well, but these 9 items had 2-day shipping and…honestly, that’s why we love Amazon so much, right?

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I’ve also included some Rae Dunn pieces below because, well, Rae Dunn and farmhouse go hand in hand. If you’re a collector, these pieces are definitely worth checking out!

9 scary good farmhouse-inspired Halloween decor on Amazon!  #farmhouse #halloween #homedecorating #amazon

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