8 Fabulous Kate Spade Desktop Wallpapers

by katie
8 Fabulous Kate Spade Desktop Wallpapers

Are you looking to update your desktop wallpaper? Even if you’re not, you should because these 8 fabulous Kate Spade desktop wallpapers are perfect for any style, color scheme and season!

I love Kate Spade because of her prints and her ability to work with colors so effortlessly. Her untimely death was both shocking and sad. I know that she would have come up with more amazing pieces if she were still here today.

On a lighter note, each one of these desktop wallpapers can be downloaded right to your computer by clicking the Download Here button next to each image.

All you have to do is follow your computer’s wallpaper setup process to get it to appear on your screen.

8 Fabulous Kate Spade Desktop Wallpapers

This is such a pretty floral print! The abstract-like watercolor flowers are perfect for a spring display.

Here’s another watercolor image but this time it features lemons that could easily transition from spring to summer.

These little bow ties are a fun, chic look in classic black and white.

Need some motivation? You can’t go wrong with #DOWORK!

I am currently using this daily pattern and I’m smitten with the tiny little bumble bees!

It’s not quite cheetah, but this pattern is screaming wild and playful!

Talk about abstract! The colors in this wallpaper are amazing. It’s a fun pattern for any season!

When in doubt, opt for the classic polka dot! The navy blue and pale baby pink pair together beautifully!

If you love these patterns, share these 8 fabulous kate Spade desktop wallpapers on social media! In the meantime, enjoy!

8 Fabulous Kate Spade Desktop Wallpapers
8 Fabulous Kate Spade Desktop Wallpapers

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Gee February 4, 2020 - 2:35 pm

Like that lemon wallpaper. Thanks for sharing

katie February 4, 2020 - 8:24 pm

You’re welcome!


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