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7 Tips on Creating a Home Office You Actually Want to Work In

by The Organized Dream

Whether you have the opportunity to work remotely from your office job or you are self-employed and looking to create an ideal workspace in your home, creating a productive working environment isn’t as tricky as you may first believe.

A workspace doesn’t have to be bland and uninspiring or lacking personal touches. In fact, it should somewhere in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed, and somewhere you want to spend the majority of your working day, focused and productive.

Here are seven great ideas on how to create the perfect home office and make your workspace suitable for your circumstances:

1. Location

Choosing the location of your home office is a great starting point when it comes to making your workspace suitable for you. You may be more comfortable having somewhere you can shut yourself away from all distraction in the spare room. Or, perhaps you prefer having others around you or are a working mum with little ones to look after. In this instance, a communal area such as the dining room or kitchen may work better for you.

It all depends on preference, and there is no right or wrong answer as to how you should set up your workspace. You may even need some time to test what works best for you before taking the next steps.

2. Incorporate plenty of light

Good lighting is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to choosing your office space.
As you will be spending a great deal of time working in one particular space, you need the room to be light and bright, so you feel fully awake and motivated to complete tasks.

Natural daylight is the most evenly balanced source of white light. Therefore, you should always consider which room in your home gives a good stream of sunlight. It may be worth positioning your desk opposite a window so you have a view to look at and install a set of blinds which can be adjusted, should the light become too intrusive.

If you haven’t got much natural light streaming into the room, or a cloudy or rainy day is making your workspace dull, it would be wise to invest in several artificial lighting options to avoid eye-strain. You may decide on table lamps, a desk lamp, and an overhead light.

3.  Make the most of storage space

If you are working from home on a regular basis, you will need somewhere to store all your paperwork and files to keep yourself organized. A cluttered space may make you feel more distracted, and of course, important documents or files are at risk of being misplaced. When you think of storage space, a filing cabinet may be the first idea that springs to mind, however, this isn’t the most attractive of furniture pieces and certainly won’t make the space feel homely.

Instead, choose furniture pieces that are not just functional, but also add a touch of character to the room; for example, quirky shelving which adds to the décor or a chest of drawers for stationary and paperwork may be a more stylish option.

4. Choose a comfortable chair

As you will be spending the majority of your day sitting at your desk, you need to ensure you own a comfortable chair that provides the correct support. Think of your chair as an investment; which should be worth every penny considering the number of hours that will be spent sitting throughout the working day. Just think, that the cost of a mattress is never compromised when it comes to gaining maximum comfort.

An Active Stool is an innovative seating option for your home office which keeps your core engaged due to the unstable cushion, which will keep you moving while sitting down. The stool is also lightweight in design so that you can transfer it to any room of the home with ease, should you wish to swap your workspace.

5.  Hide the mess

Although you can’t do much about hiding technology such as computers or large screens, it would be advised to keep your home office free of unsightly wires and make sure your devices are easily accessible.

To avoid the annoyance of unnecessary wires within your office, it would be wise to invest in a wireless router, printer, and mouse. You may also wish to place your desk next to a plug socket to prevent wires trailing across the room and then, purchase a grommet where wires are fed through, to prevent unnecessary clutter or the obscuring of your work surface.

6.  Add a personal touch

Although your home office is first and foremost your business space, it can be extremely easy to lose motivation when working at home without a team of employees in your company.

If you are feeling a sense of dread from having to spend the whole day in one single space, ask yourself what it would take to gain a bit of inspiration? You could perhaps save a bit of your desk space for photos of friends and family, get a few mindful quotes framed to place on the walls, or even invest in a bit of greenery to incorporate some life into the room.

The décor can have a huge impact on your mindset; therefore, it is best to try and break free from allowing the space to appear bland, clinical and impersonal.

7. Color

Did you know color can have major impacts on your mood and energy levels, therefore, the choice of tone you opt for in your home office could be the difference between feeling motivated and simply feeling like giving up before you have even started.

Blues and greens offer a much more relaxed and calming ambiance, whereas red can elevate energy levels and cause a stir of excitement. Yellow grabs the attention instantly, but while it may seem to be a joyful color, it can often have the negative impact of making you feel distracted or overwhelmed.

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