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6 Things To Do In Florida with Your Kids

by The Organized Dream
Six things you can do in Florida with your kids. #travel #kids #vacation

Florida is a fantastic destination for millions of people across the world. It truly offers something for everyone. For kids especially, this is the ultimate place to have fun! Famously known for being the home to Disney World and Universal Studios, there is so much more to discover when it comes to finding things to do with the kids. Here are 6 of the best things to do in Florida that your kids will love, and you will be pleased to hear that not all of them will cost you a fortune, either. 

Gulf Breeze Zoo 

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is a destination that should not be missed, especially when traveling with kids.

With over 800 animals from all around the world, the award-winning zoo will provide kids of all ages

with unforgettable memories. Your kids will love to get up close and personal with some of the animals,

and even hand feed some. Be sure not to miss out on the Safari Train Ride that covers 30 of the 50

acres of land the zoo spans. It was even rated within the top five attractions to visit in Florida,

according to 10Best. Learn more at:


Unlike other attractions, Wonderworks is the ultimate amusement park that will not only challenge

your children’s minds, but also spark their imagination. The attraction features more than 100 different

hands-on exhibits and transforms education into a fun, exciting adventure. Watch their little minds try

to understand and explore the six different Wonder Zones, where the ceiling is beneath their feet, and

the ground is above their heads. 

The attraction also offers more thrilling action-packed adventure in the form of indoor rope courses,

laser tag, and a 4D theater. Perfect for your older children who love to compete! 

Sun Splash Family Waterpark 

If your kids love water, then they will absolutely adore Sun Splash Family Waterpark. While the

waterpark is only open between March and September, that doesn’t minimize the fun that comes

with it. The Sun Splash Family Waterpark is one that your kids will want to return to time and time

again. With 17 different attractions, there are a variety of different types of fun on offer. If you have

younger children, there are perfect sized water slides and a small splash area that will keep them

entertained for hours. Your teens can experience the 30ft high platform slide, Cape Fear, and many


Busch Gardens 

Located in Tampa, Busch Gardens is a fantastic place to take the kids for a day out. From rides and

animals to shows, Busch Gardens has it all. No matter how old your kids are, there is something for

all ages. Let your teenagers take to the sky and enjoy the thrill of some of Florida’s best rides. Be sure

they don’t miss out on Florida’s favorite inverted roller coaster, Montu, however. For your younger

children, there are plenty of rides that will provide just as much fun! Check out the Air Grover and the

Wild Surge that are both kid-friendly. Not only does it provide an assortment of fun, but you also have

the chance to save some money if you book your tickets online. 

Adventure Island 

What better place to experience adventure than Adventure Island? The waterslides will provide you

with plenty of excitement during your day out. This is the perfect destination for much younger

children as there are loads of kid-friendly water attractions, including pools and rides and splash


Everglades National Park 

For a more serene experience with the kids, that sees you exploring extraordinary wildlife and

hundreds of different bird species, take a trip to the Everglades National Park. Located in the southern

area of Florida, the Everglades is a natural region of tropical wetlands that stretches 1.5 acres. Just

be sure to pick the right time to go if you want to enhance your experience. If you go during the dry

season (November to March), for example, you are more likely to see a much wider variety of wading

birds as well as their predators, compared to the wet season (April to November). Your kids will love

to discover all the marine life that lives there. Go on a bike ride or rent a boat and take to the waters to

experience the Everglades to the full. Or, if you have older kids, why not consider hiring a canoe and

learn a new skill with them? Whatever you choose to do, the Everglades will leave your child with a

whole new experience to look back on. 

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