6 Sneaky Germ Hot Spots

by katie

Everyone has heard of the major germ hot spots like the dollar bill and public bathroom toilet handle but here’s some sneaky spots you come in contact with every day and don’t think twice to touch. I wanted to share this with you guys today because it’s a new season and with a new season comes the sniffles and the stomach aches. With these little hot spots listed below there’s also basic common sense preventions.

Your shower curtain liner can harbor millions of microbes in the folds caused by moisture. A recent study at the University of Colorado found that 80 percent of those germs were potentially harmful and could cause irritation to the lungs.
To prevent the excessive growth of bacteria, spray your liner with a bleach based spray once a week and close your curtain after shower use.

Your cell phone is the next one on the list. Almost 100 percent of cell phones tested positive for disease causing bacteria and 20 percent tested positive for dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.
To prevent contraction of these bacteria, use an antibacterial wipe to clean your phone once a week or as often as you feel you need to. Just remember to stay away from cleaning sprays and liquid chemicals. This could damage the internal parts of your phone.

Who uses reusable grocery bags? Well, if you do, they could be harboring harmful bacteria like foodborne illnesses like Salmonella.
To prevent infection, wash these bags in hot water and, when grocery shopping, place meats and poultry in plastic bags before placing in your eco-friendly bags. It also would help if you used certain bags only for your ready-to-eat foods such as fresh produce.

Refrigerator door handles are next. Since everyone uses the fridge at some point in the day, your refrigerator handles contains up to 200 times more bacteria than bathroom sinks, floors and surfaces. Opens your eyes, doesn’t it?
To prevent illness, simply use a bleach-based cleaner and sanitize the handle.

Okay, we went over cell phones and fridge handles so the next one might not surprise you. A hint? It’s found on your desk. That’s right, your mouse! The most germ-riddled spot is where your palm rests and can harbor up to 10 million bugs.
The prevention is simple. Like everything else, regular cleaning with a disinfecting wipe can cut it down by 99 percent.

The last place is something you may not touch with your hands but can spread bacteria like wild fire. The bottom of your shoes can contain over 400,000 germs per sole.
The best prevention is to remove shoes before entering your home. Leave your boots and shoes outside your front door or in a mudroom on a boot tray and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Do you know of any other germ-filled places?

*Contents found from an article in First for Women magazine.

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