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40 Ingenious Uses for Coffee Filters

by The Organized Dream

You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of ways you can use coffee filters. These ingenious ideas will have you running out and buy a few packs! They’re inexpensive and handy all around the home!


1. Clean windows and glass for a lint free alternative.

2. Use as snack bowls for parties and events.

3. Use as a deodorizing sachet by filling with baking soda and tie ribbon or floss.

4. Use between plates to avoid damage.

5. Cover bowls and dishes in the microwave to avoid splatters.

6. Apply shoe shine with a balled up filter.

7. Use as taco holders.

8. Poke a hole in the middle and prevent drips from popsicles.

9. Line plant pots with a filter to prevent soil from leaking out.

10. Drain fry oil by lining a strainer with a coffee filter.

11. Use strips of a coffee filter when waxing your eyebrows.

12. Protect a cast iron skillet by placing a coffee filter on it.

13. Use a coffee filter to prevent spills when adding fluids to your car.

14. Use coffee filters to wrap ornaments at Christmas.

15. Use a coffee filter as a spoon rest when cooking.

16. Filter pulp and seeds from fruit when making juice.

17. Place food in a filter when weighing.

18. Use a coffee filter to clean your kitchen rather than a paper towel.

19. Use a filter instead of a paper towel when greasing a pan.

20. Use as a dryer sheet by dampening a filter with vinegar and essential oils.


40 ingenious uses for coffee filters you probably never heard of!  #upcycle #hacks #coffeefilters{image via}

21. Sprout seeds by wrapping seeds in a wet filter and placing in a plastic bag.

22. Cover food at a picnic or BBQ with a filter to keep pests away.

23. Clean up a liquid spill on a carpet by laying a filter on top to absorb it.

24. Use a filter as a backing to your embroidering.

25. Shredded (unbleached) filters can be used as bedding in a hamster cage!

26. Use a filter instead of a cotton ball to remove nail polish.

27. Use filters in crafts. You can make wreaths, flowers and more!

28. Use a filter as a tea bag for loose leaf tea.

29. Clean your glasses, phone screens and more!

30. Use a coffee filter as a way to pick up your pet’s droppings.

31. Use in your fridge by wrapping produce. It absorbs moisture and they’ll last longer.

32. Make a cold compress by dipping a filter in brewed tea and freezing.

33. Use a piece of coffee filter then next time you nick yourself shaving.

34. Use a filter as a pet food bowl when traveling.

35. Use a filter to blot oil from your face.

36. Clean your shower head by soaking a filter in cleaner and tying filter with rubber band to soak.

37. Use a filter to clean stainless steel. It won’t scratch!

38. Place seasonings and herbs in a filter and tie together to flavor soups.

39. Use coffee filters to clean your car and line your cup holders.

40. Toss used coffee filters over ashes in fireplaces and pit to remove stale smoke smells.

Who knew there could be so many uses for such a simple product? Do you use coffee filters in your home? Do you have any other ways to use them? Share in the comments!


40 ingenious uses for coffee filters you probably never heard of!  #upcycle #hacks #coffeefilters

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Mary Paukert January 3, 2021 - 12:30 am

I’ve used them to organize quilt block pieces to stack and take to the sewing machine.

The Organized Dream January 4, 2021 - 10:56 am

Hi, Mary. That’s such a smart idea! I bet they’d work for other sewing projects, too. Thanks for sharing!

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