4 Ways To Help You Avoid Stress This Summer

by katie
Summertime is often associated with fun and relaxation. The sun is out, you can get outside and explore the great outdoors and the vacation season is here after all. What’s not to like?

Plenty of stuff, actually. Aside from Christmas, summer can be the most stressful time of the year. Our bodies can be more susceptible to illness due to sudden drops in temperature, there’s the pressure of all the activities and commitments your friends and family seem to expect of you and the fact it’s the season that can have the most detrimental impact on your sleep patterns.

Here are four ways that can help you avoid stress this summer.

Don’t skip meals and stay hydrated
Busy lives can often mean we skip meals. 58 percent of American’s are reckoned to miss out lunch for example due to not having time to fit it in. Summer is a particularly hectic period as we rush from one place to another, taking advantage of the longer days and trying to ensure we cram as much in as possible. Each time a meal is skipped though, our stress levels rise. Have healthy snacks on hand for whenever you feel a little hungry and try and schedule the time for good family meals. Drinking plenty of water can also help as dehydration causes your cortisol level to rise, sending a stress signal through your body.
Get the right amount of sleep
With so much going on and the days being longer, chances are we’ll be going to bed a lot later. You might also find it more difficult to sleep due to the increase in temperature of a night time. Even one night of missed or poor sleep increases your irritability, anxiety and with that, stress levels. Make sure you are getting the recommended daily amount of sleep which is 7-9 hours for adults between the ages od 18 and 24.
Beware of the medicines you take
Summer can be a hotbed of illness and disease for reasons ranging from sudden drops in temperature when our bodies have become accustomed to heat to people mixing more freely together which can make it easier for infection to spread – all of which is stressful. That can mean you are more tempted to reach for the medicine cabinet, but just remember that overuse of antibiotics can lead to more trouble than they are worth. If you have any doubts about your family’s health this summer, speak to a healthcare professional. You can Compare Now various health insurance plans.
Plan what you want to do, choose wisely and don’t overcommit
Everyone wants to do activities in the summer, but don’t overcommit to too much. There might be expectations to see friends, family, go on vacation, work in your community and have fun but you shouldn’t be afraid to say no to activities. In fact, you actually should say no to stuff. Only do what you know you can manage and what you actually want to do, and ake sure you filter in days to just lounge around the house or backyard and have a well-earned rest – it’s the best way to destress.

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