35 Nail Hacks For The Perfect Manicure

by katie

Who says you need to go to a professional for an awesome manicure? With the right tips, you can create those Pin-worthy manicures you see and love! Along with great tips to get the perfect design, you’ll also get some great ideas on how to maintain and fix any issue!

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Dry Your Nails Faster

  • Set your color by submerging or running your fingers in cold water.
  • Spray your nails with Pam.
  • Use hair dryer on low setting.
  • Place your fingers in the freezer.

Painting A Cleaner Manicure

  • Line your nails with Vaseline.
  • Tape around and under your nails.
  • Use cotton swab to remove polish from cuticles.
  • Swipe some lip balm around your  nails.
  • Wash your hands after polish dries in warm water.

Create Your Own Nail Art

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  • Apply thin coats of paint to plastic wrap. Use hole punches or craft punches to stamp out designs.
  • Makeup sponges create awesome ombre effects.
  • Dental floss creates perfect lines.
  • Use a toothpick to create polka dots. Want a larger dot? Snip the end off with fingernail clippers and sand the edge with a nail file.
  • Use painter’s tape (the blue kind) to tape off sections to create different patterns.
  • Highlighters create the best watercolor effect. Just add topcoat.
  • Sharpies are a great way to add quick and easy designs.
  • Hole reinforcement labels work great to create a french manicure.
  • Want a straight line? Try a rubber band.
  • Make your nails glow by breaking open a glow stick and pouring it into a bottle of clear polish.
  • Make your polish matte by adding cornstarch to clear polish.
  • Use a loofa for fishnet designs or spiderwebs on Halloween.

Nail Problem Solutions

  • For a broken nail that can’t be cut, apply nail glue, gauze and then another coat of glue. 
  • Apply a ridge filler in place of a base coat.
  • Peeling nails? Give your nails a break between manicure. There may be a lack of oxygen.
  • Use nail clippers or cuticle scissors to remove hang nails.
  • Reduce yellowing with lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and buffing.

Make It Last & Fixes

  • Wipe your nails with white vinegar to remove oils and allow polish to adhere better.
  • Apply a coat of base coat on the tip of nail. Let dry and apply another coat over the entire nail to prevent chips.
  • Get a better, more even coat by applying polish to the middle of the nail and then on either side.
  • Apply nail polish thinner (not remover) to thick polish.
  • This sounds weird, but licking your finger and smoothing smudges works great! You can even fix a smudge with your tounge…just try not to swallow any paint.
  • Use VapoRub for Nail infections.
  • Remove gel manicure with acetone, gauze and aluminum foil. Soak the gauze and wrap your fingers with the aluminum.
  • Roll the bottles of polish between your hands instead of shaking it. This will prevent bubbles.
  • Make your polish apply smoother by putting the bottle in the fridge for 15 minutes

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1 comment

Erickah - Audacity to be You(nique) March 12, 2016 - 6:08 am

These are all great tips! Personally, I have a bowl of ice cold water when I do my nails and it works wonders. Freezes the nail polish right in place!

Erickah at audacitytobeyou.com


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