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30+ Free Styled Stock Photo Resources

by The Organized Dream

When it comes to your business, image is everything. Using the right photography is key to get people interested in your content and/or products on social media. You can create your own photography for your images, or you can use free styled stock photos from around the web.

A while ago, I shared a post, 7 Feminine Stock Photo Resources, and it was a widely popular roundup of amazing free girly stock photo websites. I’m updating that list today because I was actually surprised at how many stock photo websites either don’t exist now or have changed their names. Are you ready for stock photo overload? Let’s go!

P.S. The link to each resource is in the name for easy reference. 🙂 Please make sure you research the terms of use for each resource for proper usage.

Shay Cochrane

I have been subscribed to her email for years. Each month, you’ll receive free stock photos and they’re gorgeous!

Haute Stock

Formerly, Haute Chocolate, this is a great resource of free stock images!

A Prettier Web

Her photos are so bright and colorful. They’re perfect for social media and blog images. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest!

She Bold

Once known as Color U Bold, there are over 100 free stock photos you can download after you sign up for emails.

Boss Latina

Sign up for her email list and receive 10 free stock photos. Her site is under construction right now, but should be up and running soon.

Simply Embellished

Sign up for her email newsletter and receive free stock photos in your inbox every month just like Shay Cochrane.


Visit this site and instantly download any stock photos you need. There’s no email signup required.

Oh Tilly

There are 15 free stock photos waiting for you after you sign up for her newsletter. They’re so pretty and perfect for your social media images!

Magical Canopy

There are a few colorful stock photos here. They’re great for basic social images and blog photos.


I’ve had these photos in my stock resources for quite some time and have used them often. They’ve worked excellent for my Etsy Shop, blog and social images!


There’s no need to sign up for an email newsletter to grab your favorite stock photos. There are also different colors to choose from which is perfect when you want to try to stick to a color scheme!

Make Your Blog Beautiful

Sign up for her email newsletter and you’ll receive 15 free stock photos like the one pictured below and new freebies every month!

Scarlett Ballantyne

These pretty stock photos are perfect for anything you need and works great for all types of bloggers.

Ivory Mix

Like a few other sites listed here, I have been subscribed to Ivory Mix since I started blogging. It is pretty much my go-to source for stock images. There are over 500 images you can get access to as well as freebies in your inbox!

Stock Gallery

While I haven’t used any of these, I do think that they would be perfect for anyone running a lifestyle or beauty blog. There are colorful images to go with almost any topic.

Raw Pixel

This site lets you search for any stock image you need without a subscription. I’ve used it often for mockups. They do require attribution to use for free.

Stock Boutique

Use these pretty images for anything on your blog or for your business.

Dabbles & Babbles

I love these images. You don’t have to subscribe to get them and they’re easy to download. They have worked excellent for me on Instagram especially.

Styled Stock

This is another awesome site that doesn’t require an email address and there are a bunch to choose from.

Elle Drouin

This is a great resource of feminine stock photo.

Creative Convex

You don’t need to sign up for anything to receive 10 free floral photos.


Pixabay is a great resource. I have found great styled stock photos like the one below by simply searching “flatlays”.

Free Pik

Like Pixabay and RawPixel, FreePik is a great resource for stock images. I searched “flatlay mockups” and came across this pretty flower bouquet photo.

Shafaq Omair

There are so many free stock photos organized by folders that you can instantly access after providing your email address.

Moms Make Cents

These images are great for any Pinterest graphic and the white backgrounds are perfect for text.

Create Her Stock

There are a lot to choose from in this stock photo library. an email address is all you need to gain access.

Delia In A Nutshell

Check out these stock images if you’re looking for a little bit of everything.

Renee Dolling

If you’re looking for a collection of desktop styled photos, here’s the perfect list. There are 10 images you can get when you sign up.

Just Arpi

You’ll receive 12 high-resolution stock photos that are great for any blogger.

Carmen Creative

Receive new monthly freebies every month when you subscribe.

Helene In Between

There’s 15 awesome free stock photos waiting for you when you sign up for the newsletter.

City Girl Searching

I have a few of their images in my library. They’re great for blog post images for sure!

Gold & Berry

I discovered Gold and Berry not too long ago and love the stock photos they offer. You don’t have to be subscribed to grab the ones you like and I’ve used them multiple times on Instagram!

Hello You Designs

After signing up for their newsletter, you’ll be given a password to access a bunch of pretty, feminine stock photos.

Solopreneur Sidekick

You can download 10 images for free without signing up for anything. They’re perfect for businesses and bloggers.

Aminta Demadura

There is a great photo pack waiting for you upon subscribing and they are beautifully styled for almost any niche.

Styled Stock Society

You’ll receive a great resource that feature feminine photos that are perfect for any blog post theme or business image.

Kreanille Design

There are a few different photo packs to choose from. They’re colorful and perfect for any project.

Do you have any other stock photo sites you would like to add to the list? Which is your favorite resource to use? Share in the comments below!

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