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3 Creative Decorating Ideas to Make Your Large Walls Stand Out

by The Organized Dream
3 Creative Decorating Ideas to Make Your Large Walls Stand Out

It’s amazing how so many homes can all elicit the same feelings. Of course, they may have different layouts and furniture, but the whole vibe and aura are so often replicated across almost every home you enter.

If you, as a homeowner or renter, want to break the mold, you’ll need to get a little creative. You can’t just play follow the leader and buy the same stuff from the same stores. It’s time for a bit of pizzazz.

Get as creative as you can and let your mind take over and lead you to something that is wholly your own. For those who need a bit of help to get their imagination running, the following is just what the doctor ordered.

Try any of these three creative decorating ideas for the large walls in your home and you’ll soon be on the way to standing out from the pack.

1. Seeing Double: Fine Art Pairs

Nothing is more versatile and impactful than artwork. Albeit big or small, the right piece can transform an entire room and help show off your taste to the world. You can go with something that resonates with you personally, something created by someone close to you, something that just looks pretty, or whatever your heart desires. Honestly, there are no bad options.

Truthfully, there’s only one thing better than a quality piece of art: two great pieces of art! An increasingly popular choice — and one that is undeniably striking — is to outfit your room with fine art pairs: two framed works on one wall that complement each other. Not only does it add even more visual interest, but the wide range of pairing options also means you now have even more ways to express your creativity.

2. Through the Looking Glass

Most people — whether they’re homeowners or renters — wish they had a bit more space. Unless you plan on moving or knocking down some walls, however, that will probably need to remain a dream for the time being. Nevertheless, there are some ways to at least create some extra space in an optical sense.

Mirrors are a fast, easy, and affordable way to make any room look bigger. Of course, there are countless different styles and approaches. Several can work very well, from vertical wall-mounted mirrors to horizontal options above a bar area to free-standing versions that can serve as dual-purpose statement pieces. Dining room mirrors in particular are a big hit to liven up the spot where you will likely entertain guests most often.

3. Finding Your Secret Garden

Most people spend the majority of their time wondering how to spruce up their interior design. This is basically missing half of the wall space available to you, though. What about the exterior? Don’t you need to give some love to the great outdoors, too?

Sure, you probably have siding, shingles, brick, or some other plain, painted surface. There are other, more interesting options, though. The best of all is a vertical garden. They thrive in most areas, as long as you choose the right plants. There can be a bit of a learning curve, but it’s easier than you might think — and the payoff is well worth it. Don’t sell yourself short. Anyone can develop a green thumb with a little bit of effort.

Stand Out with Off-the-Wall Creativity

Nobody wants to be seen as dull. Well, if your home looks just like everybody else’s, then that’s exactly how you will come off. So, you need to spice things up a bit and get creative.

Few things work better than eye-catching fine art pairs — in any room of the house. Mirrors are another good option that both look great and make your space feel bigger. Finally, don’t forget to think outside the home and consider starting your own vertical garden.

Each of these choices goes well beyond simple interior designs, as these are projects that you can sink your teeth into and flex your creative muscles. Find something great that works for you and you will immediately start enjoying your time at home even more.

3 Creative Decorating Ideas to Make Your Large Walls Stand Out

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