25 Things To Add To Your Bullet Journal and Must Have Products

by katie

Bullet journaling has become on of the most popular planning styles and with over 3 million Instagram posts, it’s sure to stick around for a while. Bullet journaling turns your crazy tasks and goals and organizes them so you can become more productive. Are you looking into getting your own bullet journal? Check out these top 10 things to add!

Now, it’s probably best if you don’t know where to begin to start by reading the book, The Bullet Journal Method, by Ryder Carroll. It will give you a thorough look into the world of bullet journaling and point you in the right direction.

10 Things To Add To Your Bullet Journal

  1. Sleep Tracker
  2. Daily Log
  3. Daily To-Do
  4. Mood Tracker
  5. Happiness Tracker
  6. Address / Contacts
  7. Chores / Laundry
  8. Monthly Habit Tracker
  9. Year In Pixels
  10. Weekly Habit Tracker
  11. Weekly Shopping List
  12. Meal Plan
  13. Monthly Goals
  14. Monthly Look-Ahead
  15. Spending Log
  16. Bucket List
  17. Bible Journaling
  18. Diary Pages
  19. Brain Dump
  20. Doodle Pages
  21. Monthly Favorites
  22. Budgeting
  23. Fitness Tracker
  24. Birthdays
  25. Gratitude Log

Must Have Products

What would you include in your bullet journal? Share in the comments below!

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