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22 Brilliant American Girl Doll Storage Ideas

by The Organized Dream
22 Brilliant American Girl Doll Storage Ideas

For those of us who have kids, we find ourselves cluttered with their favorites. Right? For boys, it would probably be Legos. For my daughter, is American Girl stuff. With all of the furniture, accessories and clothes, you can run out of room fast! Here’s 22 brilliant American Girl doll storage ideas that I plan on using in the near future!

10 Brilliant Storage Ideas

  1. This idea is great to organize shoes because they can be the hardest to store neatly. Check it out here!

2. This is probably one of my favorite ideas. It seems like it would take up the least amount of space especially for those who really have no extra room. Check it out here!

3. This is some serious collecting right here! Not only am I impressed with the amount of accessories, but it looks so need and organized! Check it out here!

4. This is a really great idea. I like the thought of using an old tool box ass a wardrobe and it’s portable! Check it out here!

5. A simple and inexpensive bookcase is another great idea. Each shelf could be used for different items and even some extra space to store a doll or two. Check it out here!

6. An accessory or shoe holder works great for shoes and larger accessories like brushes and hair clips. Check it out here!

7. Creating an entire house for the dolls that includes storage is an amazing idea…if you have the space for it. Check it out here!

8. These storage bins have so many uses and this is a great way to either organize different types of accessories, shoes and clothes in one easy spot. Check it out here!

9. Dollar store hooks are an inexpensive way to store your dolls and creates a display at the same time. Check it out here!

Here’s 12 more ideas!

10. This is another great way to display your dolls and accessories by keeping them all in the same place. Check it out here!

11. This doll ‘closet’ is an Ikea storage unit! I can easily see this stored in a closet because it’s small enough! Check it out here!

12. This is a cute idea. Use tension rods in an old suit case. Super cute and reminds me of something from one of the American Girl characters. Check it out here!

13. Maximize the usage by taking a storage container and making a bed on top of the lid. It’s perfect! Check it out here!

14. Create an oasis and storage out of an old dresser or nightstand. Check it out here!

15. So we’ve looked at using a whole wall or a bookcase but how about a closet? Check it out here!

16. No room for much? A hanger for the doll hangers and you can put it right in the closet! Check it out here!

17. A dowel and a plastic bin is all you need to create a need and organized place for clothing. Check it out here!

18. An under-bed storage bag is one of the most ingenious ideas. I love how it keeps everything clean and ready to go for the next play time. The best part is that it is stored in a space that is often left empty! Check it out here!

20. With very little space and time, each outfit can easily sit in a sheet protector in a binder on a shelf. I’m not sure if I would do this, but it definitely keeps things organized. Check it out here!

21. Have you seen this frame around? For about $1, you can buy something similar at Ikea and create an earring holder. Check it out here!

22. Add some rods or dowels and a pocket to the hood of a toy chest and you’ll instantly have an all-in-one storage space for everything. Perfect! Check it out here!

As you can see, there are a bunch of different ways you can store accessories, clothing and more. The idea is to get creative and work with the space you have. I hope these 22 brilliant American Girl doll storage ideas will help you tame the clutter!

22 Brilliant American Girl Doll Storage Ideas

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Pam Lauren June 22, 2016 - 2:57 am

Awesome ideas! I wish I had your round-up when my girls were young and playing with dolls! I will be pinning for 'some day.' Have a great week!

Edye Nicole June 28, 2016 - 7:21 pm

Such great ideas! I used to love playing with my American Girl dolls, such sweet memories 🙂

Edye |

Erlene - My Pinterventures July 3, 2016 - 12:56 am

Wow, there are some really over the top ideas that any little girl would LOVE. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

jojo vito March 31, 2020 - 6:29 pm

Great ideas! Our little girl will surely love this seeing all her dolls, as well as their accessories, are well arranged-

katie March 31, 2020 - 10:01 pm

Thank you! I hope it helps you and your daughter!

Jho Pasquin April 5, 2020 - 1:17 pm

Wow, my daughter will surely love this. I ALSO NEED to organize her stuff.

katie April 5, 2020 - 3:46 pm

We’ve used so many of these and they all worked out great!

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