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2018 Free Planner Extras

by The Organized Dream

I have some awesome extras for you today. If you have downloaded my 2018 planner pages and calendar, these printables are the perfect addition!

They are sized at 8.5″ x 11″ to standard printer paper size. Each page features a pretty wood grain in a colorful hue. They will match beautifully to the existing pages in the 2018 editions.
If you haven’t checked out my planner pages or calendar yet, you can visit my Free 2018 Planners and 12 Month Calendar post now. You will find the links for easy downloading.
So, here is what you will get!

Master Cleaning List

I’ve split it up into three different categories. You’ll find a daily/weekly list, a bi-weekly/monthly list and a quarterly/bi-annually list. You will also find that each room is broken down by chore with each one having a convenient check box. This is one page you can use all year to keep track of your cleaning.

Brain Dump

Have too much on your mind or can’t figure out where to start on a project? Use this page to organize your thoughts. You can list it, draw it or write it out and get your thoughts together!

Monthly Goals

If you like to set goals, this page is for you! This page will allow you to set goals by the week so that you won’t feel too overwhelmed.

Fitness Tracker

I simplified this page to the max because sometimes putting a simple check box is all you need. Each column will provide ample room for a sticker or even for you to write in your numbers.
You will receive each PDF in a ZIP file folder for easy printing of one or all of the pages.
Simply click the “Click Here to Download” image below.

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