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20 Neutral Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas

by The Organized Dream
20 Neutral Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas

It’s almost Fall and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited. The crisp air, the local farmer’s market finds, craft festivals, falling leaves….I love it! I’m also pretty excited to decorate this year and thought I’d share with you some of the inspirations I’ve found!

My favorite part of this is the wire container holding those pretty little white pumpkins. I also really like that burlap pumpkin and wondering how hard it would be to duplicate. Check it out here!

This is another great example of fabric pumpkins. They’re adorable and perfect for an autumn farmhouse. What I really like in this picture is the burlap print. It’s something that is relatively easy to do and would look great on a mantel. Check it out here!

This is a great way to display your Rae Dunn collection as part of your fall decor and those moss topiaries are a simple DIY with candlesticks. Check it out here!

Tiered trays are a staple in a farmhouse kitchen and there are so many ways you can decorate them and utilize them at the same time. Adding a simple little plant and some fall favorites makes this one one of my favorites. Check it out here!
I love the look of cotton bolls and have even made some DIY twigs myself. This wreath is so pretty and I love that it has the twigs around the back of it to fill it in. It’s the perfect to accent a window, too. Check it out here!
This is one of the best little vignettes I’ve seen. It’s styled beautifully and looks great in that little nook. I really like that gather sign and feel like it could be something super easy to do with a large chalkboard. Check it out here!
I love this sign. I think that it is the perfect size and that saying is adorable. Check it out here!
Even though I find decorating for Halloween somewhat pointless because I really only like doing it in the month of October, I think this sign is too great to put up for just 31 days. I also have a soft spot for those cutting boards. This is a great way that I never would have thought to display them. Check it out here!
If you haven’t noticed by now, white pumpkins are a go-to for neutral fall decor and this is another great way to display them. Check it out here!
I’ve been on the fence to purchase a windmill clock because I’m just not sure if it would really be a good investment. I tend to get sick of things pretty quick and this is a big investment with prices for them being so high. I do like this one though and I love the way this table was styled with the pinecones in with the pillows. Super cute! Check it out here!
After seeing this awesome sweater pillow, I think one of my DIY projects will take me to the thrift store to find a sweater. I am obsessed with pillows so I’m sure I can find one around my house to cover! Check it out here!
I love these candle sticks and the serving tray they’re in. The greenery is also the perfect shade. Check it out here!
I have yet to come across old books like these. They’re awesome. I also love the touch of the dried hydrangeas in the pitcher. Check it out here!
A trip to the craft store to grab a few wheat stems and an old, rustic pitcher are all you need to recreate this. Wheat is the perfect touch to your fall decor. Check it out here!
I love everything about this space. It’s the perfect entryway for fall. My favorite? That plaid throw. I don’t think the space would be as great if it weren’t for that. Check it out here!
This is another great example of a fall entryway. I also just realized that they feature the same pillow! LOL! Those numbered baskets are awesome! Check it out here!
I really like this pillow and think it adds a great neutral feel to the space with that throw blanket. That wire basket with the pumpkins in it would have to be my favorite though. Check it out here!
Looking for a great and different way to set up your table this fall? Try a wire basket and some wooden candlesticks! There are other great things to do with this as well like adding cotton bolls, greenery like eucalyptus or boxwood or even some burlap. Check it out here!
I really like this space because it isn’t overdone and yet still says fall all over it. That wreath is pretty amazing, too! Check it out here!
Creating a centerpiece doesn’t have to be too time consuming or difficult. This is a great example of what a little greenery, a cake stand and a white pumpkin can do to a space. This also features a step-by-step tutorial so check it out here!
20 Neutral Fall Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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