The Organized Dream

20 Chic & Organized Home Offices

by The Organized Dream

Part of being productive is working in a bright, organized space. There’s nothing better than having a room specifically to handle all your job or business has to throw at you. This roundup features pretty, chic office spaces that are not just bright and feminine, but also really freaking organized!

A lot of these home office spaces feature pastel pinks, greys and white. I was absolutely inspired to share them all here in this post because they were all so fantastic. There is something from each room that I would love to incorporate into my own space.

  1. Collage Wall with Graphic Prints
  2. Gold Wall Decor with Whites and Creams
  3. Baby Pink and White with A Beautiful Chandelier
  4. Pink Peonies and Faux Fur
  5. Pink Black and Gold
  6. Rustic White
  7. It’s a Beautiful Day To Start
  8. Gold and Pale Pink Aztec
  9. Grey Walls with Pink Accessories
  10. White Decor with Paper Floral Wall Art
  11. Dark Grey and Light Pink
  12. Monochromatic
  13. Functional Pink and White
  14. Modern Fashion
  15. Fairytale Office
  16. Gold Bow Chair and Pink Accessories
  17. Corner Oasis
  18. Pretty Teal and White
  19. Gold Wall Design with Gold Accents
  20. Cream and Teal

I’m smitten with all of the pastels and florals, but love a good farmhouse-inspired piece. I don’t care much of the fur in some of these, but that’s just a quibble.

What’s your favorite space? Do you have a favorite part of your home office or do you hope to have one? Share in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow along on FacebookPinterestInstagram and Twitter!

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