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19 Rae Dunn Halloween Tiered Trays

by The Organized Dream
19 Rae Dunn Halloween Tiered Trays

If you adore Rae Dunn clay, you’ll want to see all of these spooky Halloween tiered trays. I rounded up all of the best Rae Dunn decorated Halloween tiered trays to satisfy everyone’s obsession!

19 examples of tiered trays decorated with Rae Dunn for Halloween.

There are 19 beautifully spooky tiered trays in this list. So, if you’re looking to be inspired to decorate your own trays or just want to get  a little Rae Dunn fix, here we go! I’m sharing my favorite first!

1. I love this tray the most because I absolutely adore the little bat and ghost. I actually saw these exact pieces in my local Burlington Coat Factory. They were originally sponge holders for your kitchen sink. Who knew? I never would have thought to use them as cute candy dishes so now I have to go back! Check it out here!
2. How adorable are those little witch legs? They add a nice touch to the pitcher. I love the white pumpkin accents, too! Check it out here!
3. I love how simple this tiered tray is. A simple oval platter looks so nice. I love the subway art print next to it! So cute! Check it out here!
4. I love all of these pieces so much. I don’t typically collect Rae Dunn holiday pieces because there is only a small window of time you can really display them. (Weird, I know! You’d think that I’d want them to be out 365 days a year!) Look at that cute little ghost bowl! Check it out here!
5. Here’s another one of those cute little sponge holders turned into a candy dish! I’m starting to get really mad at myself for passing up those cuties when I saw them! Anyway, this tray is one of my favorites because I love the mix of greenery. Check it out here!
6. Well I guess if you’re going to go all out and decorate a tiered tray for Halloween you might as well whip out the cotton webbing, too! Right? This one is fun but not practical if you wanted to decorate it while still keeping it functional. Either way, I love that Happy Halloween mug! Check it out here!
7.  Here’s another way you can use your Rae Dunn bowls. I find that these bowls can be hard to display so using one as a candy dish will bring them out into the open for decorating and serve a purpose, too! Check it out here!
8. This larger tiered tray is perfectly decorated with a mix of Halloween Rae Dunn awesomeness and greenery to give it a natural touch. I also love the white buffalo plaid print, but if you recently visited my August Monthly Favorites post, then you’d already know I’m obsessed! Check it otu here!
9.  I have seen a few of these rectangle trays and like them for basic decorating in a space small like a counter top. I love the way the Halloween mugs are hung above it. I also really like the double tray with the fun Halloween icons on them So cute! Check it out here!
10. While this tray may seem a little plain, I’m a sucker for a cute wood sign and natural wood bead strands. I have them all over my home! Check it out here!
11. I love the whimsical touch that these little bats have here on this tray. It accentuates each part to give it the perfect Halloween touch without going too overboard. I also really like that broom sign! Check it out here!
12. These cute little straws would be great in any Halloween bar cart or coffee station. This tray looks so nice and isn’t too overdone. Check it out here!
13. These Rae Dunn pieces aren’t your typical large-letter style, but they are pretty darn awesome. I love the character detail on each mug and think they are great decorating pieces or any kitchen! Check it out here!
14. Here is a great example of a tiered tray that not only is decorated for Halloween, but would be great as a serving tray at a party! I really like that black cat dish! Check it out here!
15. This isn’t your ordinary tiered tray! This collapsible cake stand is a great way do display larger Rae Dunn pieces. This Halloween collection is pretty sick! Check it out here!
16. Here is another example of some really great Rae Dunn pieces. Again, it’s sort of refreshing to see pieces that aren’t the ever-so-popular large letters. I also wonder how hard it would be to DIY my own can Jack-o’-Lantern. Hmmm…. Check it out here!
17. Okay, so I’m just going to start off by saying that these little ghosts has to be the most freaking adorable things ever. Am I right? Yup, I think that’s why I put this tiered tray on the list. All of the other pieces here are great but that has me making my annoying “Oh my gosh! That’s the cutest thing!” face. ? Check it out here!
18. I think the mix of patterns, colors and pieces here in this tiered tray is really what makes me love it. There are a lot of pieces here that can easily be found in a dollar store for sure which means that there’s more money to be spent on Rae Dunn. Sounds like a win-win to me! Check it out here!
19. Well, I’m not a big fan of Mickey Mouse, but I guess I added this to the list because I know that there are a ton of people who wouldn’t mind at all adding a little Disney to their display. I guess I could say that the white pumpkin skull would be my favorite. Don’t judge. ? Check it out here!
What’s your favorite Halloween tiered tray? Share it with me in the comments!
19 Rae Dunn Halloween Tiered Trays

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