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16 Beautifully Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

by The Organized Dream
16 Beautifully Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

When it comes to being creative around Christmas, I go all out. I love coming up  with different ways to decorate and I don’t stop at home decor. I also like to go all  out when decorating gifts. It’s become so bad that my sister thinks I’m crazy and got me back last year! ? Needless to say, 12 boxes and probably a whole roll of wrapping paper later, I finally go to my gift!

Okay, so you don’t have to go insane with it, but there are some pretty and creative ways you can decorate your gifts so they look 1 step above the rest. Below are some great inspirations I rounded up that are both beautiful and creative.

  1. Script Wrapping Paper with Dear Accent
  2. DIY Animal Packages
  3. Music Notes Wrapping Paper
  4. Brown Wrappings with Green Ribbon
  5. Buffalo Plaid with Ribbons
  6. Brown Wrapping Paper with Christmas Plaid
  7. Wreath Accent with Baker’s Twine
  8. Burlap and Greenery
  9. Hand Drawn Designs on Brown Paper
  10. Black Paper and Marker Doodles
  11. Yarn and Twine
  12. Black Wrapping Paper and White Pen
  13. Decorating with Photos
  14. Candy canes and Initials
  15. Brown Paper and Black and White Ribbon
  16. Black Chalkboard Tags

What’s your favorite? Do you go all out with your gift wrapping? Leave a comment below!

16 Beautifully Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

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