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12 Ways to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

by The Organized Dream

We get so caught up with making sure our home is clean and organized in so many ways, but often overlook other areas. One of those areas is the way we store and organize our cleaning supplies. How many of you put it all under a sink or in a closet in no organized way? I know you can’t see me, but I’m raising my hand.

Yes, I’m guilty of doing this. Even though my cleaning supplies are stored in a bin, they’re not as organized as I would want them to be. I constantly have to spend more time than I want trying to find what I need. If you’re in the same predicament as me, you’ll want to see all of the awesome ways you can store and organize your cleaning supplies.

From utilizing a whole closet for your cleaning needs or under a bathroom or kitchen sink, there are inspirations here for everyone! I love the look of categorized and labeled bins, the simplicity of caddies to go from room to room and the uncluttered look of designated wall mounts to store brooms, mops and more!

  1. Store cleaning products in bins under your sink.
  2. Corral cleaning supplies in your closet in bins and label them for easy finding.
  3. Use hooks and metal shelving to keep what you need most at hand.
  4. Use space in your laundry room to store cleaning supplies if you don’t have a spare closet.
  5. Use bins with lids to store small cleaning supplies like extra sponges.
  6. Decorative jars can be used to hold clothespins, sponges and brushes for laundry.
  7. Pull out drawers are a great solution to maximize space under the sink.
  8. Wire racks with different compartments are a great way to organize the small things..
  9. Labels are a great way to keep things neat and tidy. I suggest using them whenever you can!
  10. Don’t have a lot of space? One simple container for the necessities will do!
  11. Use a shoe organizer in your cleaning closet to store your chemicals if you need extra space.
  12. Don’t have a space under your sink with doors? That’s okay! Use decorative bins!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to get organized!

Larger version of cleaning chemicals with cloths.

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