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10 Innovative Uses for Old Pillowcases

by The Organized Dream
10 Innovative Uses for Old Pillowcases

Here are 10 innovative uses for old pillowcases you probably never thought of! We all probably have a few extra pillowcases lying around our linen closets. Whether they’re old or just extras from a set, why throw them away when you can reuse them?

1. Storage & Organizing

Use those old pillowcases to store your sheet sets! Fold your sheets like you normally would and place them inside of your pillowcase. It makes storing your sheets easier and tidier. Using this trick will also save you time so you don’t have to go hunting down for each piece the next time you switch them out! The best thing about this particular idea is that you can easily use a pillowcase from the set if you don’t have a spare handy!

2. Cleaning

Do you have hard-to-clean fans in your home? Use a pillowcase to clean the blades from your ceiling fans! By placing the pillowcase around each blade, you’re able to remove the built up dust and grime without getting your hands dirty.

3. Make A Smock

Take an old pillow case and cut out a neck hole at the closed edge and arm holes on either side to create a fast smock for your child’s next craft session! It works great for finger painting, slime or pretty much anything!

4. Washing Delicates

Why buy a delicates bag for your laundry when you can use a pillowcase? Simply place your garments into the pillowcase and tie the end with a hair tie. This will allow your clothes to get washed properly while preventing snacks or damages. This also works well for washing stuffed animals, too!

5. Make Your Own Masks

Use your extra pillow cases to make your own face masks by using a simple sewing template. Create single-layered masks or add a second layer with a pocket for disposable filters.

6. Blankets for Dolls

If you have a daughter who loves playing dolls, use an old pillow case to make little blankets! You can either cut the pillowcase open for a larger one and sew the edges or use as-is. My daughter used to a pillow case as a sleeping bag with her American Girl doll.

7. A Fun Kid’s Bed

If you have quite a few extra pillowcases on hand, you can create a fun pillow bed for the floor. Stuff each pillowcase with stuffing you can buy at your local craft store. Sew them together to create a cozy bed for the kids to use anywhere they want to hang out.

8. Make a Tote Bag

You can upcycle old pillowcases to use as tote bags for shopping. Use fabric to create straps OR simply cut semi-circles out of each side at the open end and sew the middle pieces together! These will work great for grocery shopping, play dates and more!

9. Hanging Hamper

Use a quilting hoop (such as those you see people using in those trendy hoop wreaths). Start by loosening the hoop and placing the edges of the pillow case in between the wood. Tighten the hoop again to hold it into place. Add a rope to hang. This idea would be great in the bathroom or in other areas of your home where there’s no space for a large hamper.

10. Pet Bed

One of the easiest things to do with your extra pillow cases is to create a bed for your pet. Stuff the pillow case with stuffing or other soft materials and sew the end closed. It’s perfect for smaller dogs and cats to catch some Z’s!

I’ve shared these 10 innovative uses for old pillowcases that you can get creative with. Do you have any other ideas or have you used them for other things in the past? Share them in the comments below!

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Marie June 3, 2020 - 3:34 pm

Great ideas here! I never thought to use old pillowcases for masks. Guess what I’m doing today? LOL

katie June 5, 2020 - 11:56 am

It’s one of the more clever ideas. It’s definitely an idea that will come in handy during these times!

Allyson June 5, 2020 - 12:04 am

Clever ideas! Flannel pillowcases work great for polishing furniture.

katie June 5, 2020 - 11:54 am

That’s a great idea!

Julie Briones June 9, 2020 - 6:37 pm

Great ideas for pillowcases! I wish I had pretty one, like you! I’ll keep my eyes peeled at the thrift stores now! We would love for you to link-up at Tuesday Turn About today at 5pm CST! Hope to see you there!

katie June 10, 2020 - 9:24 pm

A thrift store is a great place to look! Thanks for the invite!

Clearissa Coward June 13, 2020 - 9:28 pm

Such creative ideas. So much better than just throwing them away. Thanks For Sharing with #omhgww.

katie June 15, 2020 - 1:46 pm

Thank you!

Amy March 2, 2021 - 1:27 pm

What wonderful ideas! I just love the hanging hamper idea. That would be perfect in our bedroom or laundry room as a “delicates” bag… then I could toss the entire thing in the washer. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

The Organized Dream March 2, 2021 - 8:30 pm

You’re welcome! That’s definitely one of my favorite uses!

Jenna March 4, 2021 - 4:09 pm

Great post – it is so important to reuse as much as you can, even when something like a pillowcase can’t be used as a pillowcase. These are all awesome ideas! pinned!
Jenna ♥
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The Organized Dream March 5, 2021 - 10:20 am

Thank you!

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