10 Fall Craft and Decor Inspirations

by katie

Every September in my city there is a month long festival with activities and events of every kind. One weekend is dedicated to those crafty folks from around the area in our local park. I look forward to going to see what people have created. I also often use this opportunity to search for inspiration. I chose 10 to share with you that I knew you would love as much as me!

This mini Christmas tree had an array of hand-carved wooden ornaments. Isn’t this snowman adorable?!
I was blown away by the work and detail in this woman’s wreaths. Each were themed in either Harvest, Halloween or Christmas. She sold each for $50.

I loved the colors of this Fall wreath. I love the deep brown tones.

This is a cheery Halloween wreath with a cute witch adorning the front.

These wind chimes were all handmade using seashells. They sounded so pretty in the breeze. I thought the use of the shells was clever.

This was my favorite. The Jack-o’-Lantern’s face is whimsical and it was super huge!

Along with the seashell wind chimes, this vendor also sold seashell shadow boxes. This was my favorite one.

This decorative platter featured a detailed ocean scene of a lighthouse and sail boats. This design was done by burning lines into the wood. It is absolutely beautiful and there were so many more.

There was one vendor I remembered from last year. I love everything she has to offer. A lot of her products can be used for gift giving and were fairly inexpensive. I thought this one was so funny. Don’t you?

These were other mini gifts she had. She put so much detail into everything she did. It was hard not to buy everything. Along with these gifts, she also had hand-designed note pads and themed travel bags for kids.
Which is your favorite? 
Thanks so much for joining me today. This weekend was a lot of fun. This year’s Fall Festival got me excited for the season. There are a few Autumn projects I plan on doing so don’t forget to come back and visit!

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Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas October 14, 2014 - 5:48 am

WOW!! Lots of great things in this post!! Loved those wreaths…..
Thanks so much for stopping by!! I actually have 2 Christmas villages, a Halloween Village and an Easter Village in addition to my Harvest Village!!



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